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Millions of women in America experience an unplanned pregnancy each and every year. You are NOT alone.

We recommend you discuss your pregnancy with friends and family members who are likely to be supportive and helpful.

We recommend you seek out community resources that help women experiencing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy. We can help you find these resources if you do not know where to begin.

We can provide you access to a counselor who will be able to help you process your feelings and come to a decision that feels right for you. We may be able to assist you with living expenses during your pregnancy if that is a need. We can help you obtain access to pre-natal care and medical care to make sure you and your baby are as healthy as possible.

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You have three options…

1. Parenting your baby.
Parenting can be a very rewarding experience that brings great joy to your life. Babies are a big responsibility that require much time, money and commitment from you. If you think you may want to explore parenting your baby there are community resources that can help. Our counselors will be able to assist you in finding these resources if you decide this is the best path for you.

2. Adoption.
Adoption is a mature and loving choice if you are not ready to parent your child. Taking some time to learn about Open Adoption on our website and by talking to our counselors may be very helpful for you. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

3. Abortion.
You may be considering terminating your pregnancy through abortion. Most women who are considering abortion are conflicted. Please know that if you choose to continue your pregnancy, you will be actively involved in the process of choosing a loving family for your baby.

Why choose us?

Believe – Believe that you and your baby will be okay. We are here to help.

Hope – Hope for a healthy pregnancy and a bright future for you and your baby.

Guide – We can provide guidance every step of the way. You will never be alone.

Protect – We will protect your interests and the interests of your baby.

…. we live by these words with every birth mother and birth family we help.

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Things to remember during this very important decision…


You may be scared, but you DO have options. If you need someone to talk to, just call us.


You may feel alone, but you are not. There are three million or so unplanned pregnancies in the U.S. each and every year.


Your family may have a lot of ideas and opinions about what you should do next but it is YOUR choice. If you need an objective person to talk to, call us. We can help.


Be careful who you surround yourself with at this delicate time. You need people who love you, but who also will respect your decision.


It may be hard to think of placing your baby for adoption, so consider the families who are seeking to provide a loving home to a baby. Adoption can be an option based on loving your baby.


Most domestic adoptions today are open adoptions. We can help you choose a family that has the same expectations as you do about contact with them and the baby after birth. You can remain a presence in your child’s life if you choose.


You can choose your baby’s adoptive parents and we will help you.

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