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Adoptions with AngelHeart

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding adoption…

Adopting is a big decision, why not have all the facts? Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding the adoption process. Feel free to submit any additional questions using the contact us form or call Sheila in the Round Rock office at 512-310-9857.

Adopting a baby can traditionally be very expensive. At Angelheart, we strive to make this process as affordable as possible.

There are several paths to adoption. If you choose to adopt a newborn baby, the costs can range from $10,000 to much more. At Angelheart, we are committed to keeping the costs as low as possible and will work with you individually. Please click below for more information regarding tax credits and fee schedules.

If you choose to adopt an older child through the foster care system, you may be able to obtain an adoption subsidy. This means you can continue to get financial support from the agency, even after the adoption is finalized. The amount of an adoption subsidy is determined individually for each child. The subsidy is not a salary for the foster or adoptive family and is tax-free. Please call us. We are happy to discuss all the options with you as you begin your journey.

More on Adoption Fees

Family foster care provides for temporary care of children when there is necessary separation from their biological families. Biological families still maintain legal rights of the children, but the state takes the role as temporary custodian for the children. Foster families provide for the individual needs of the children through the strength of family living and through family and community supports. If you are a foster family, the state has either temporary or permanent guardianship or responsibility for the children. “The goal of family foster care is to provide opportunities for healing, growth, and development leading to healthier infants, children, youths, and families, with safe nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime.”

Adoption is the means of transferring all the legal rights that the parents would have if that child had been born to them. If you are a private adoptive family, the agency has custody of the child until the adoption is finalized. The value of adoption is that it provides children with stability in legal and social realms. Adoption also teaches commitment in relationships. The goal of adoption is to provide a child with a family that intends to offer a lifetime relationship.

Fostering and adopting is not the same as parenting a child born to you. Over time, you may need to talk with that child about the birth family, or help the child manage feelings about being in foster care or being adopted. The training we provide through Angelheart will give you the tools you need to successfully navigate this path.
The process of adopting an infant from a birth mother who is placing her child for adoption will realistically take 9 – 18 months. We will be happy to discuss with you each step of the process.

The process of adopting a child through the foster care system will vary based on each individual child’s history and situation. Some people think that because there is a shortage of adoptive families for older children, becoming an adoptive parent happens quickly. The licensing/ training process will take from two to three months depending on the flexibility of your schedule to attend training sessions as well as your promptness in completing necessary paperwork.

How soon a child is placed with you depends upon a number of factors. For example, if you are willing and able to adopt older children, sibling groups, or children with medical problems, you probably will be able to have a child placed with you more quickly.

Learn more about children currently waiting for their forever family by visiting Texas Adoption Resources Exchange or Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

If you are interested in adoption, please contact Sheila Falco at 512.310.9857.

Additionally, Angelheart does foster-adopt placements. The foster family will take the placement with the intent to adopt once parental rights have been terminated.

Why choose to adopt?

Families choose adoption for many reasons. Some couples have trouble conceiving, some couples feel a calling to expand their family after biological children, some same-sex couples choose adoption as their path to parenthood. Each family or couple is different and at Angelheart, you will find that we honor and respect your individual reasons and we are here to help.

Our Counselors
Angelheart Adoptions has counselors available to support expectant parents in a confidential and professional manner.

Our mission is to provide quality services that will help you through this trying time.

Need additional information?
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Birth Mother & Father Counselors

We’re here to listen and help. The first counselor you’ll get in touch with is a birth parent counselor who will help guide you in the appropriate direction for your situation. We’re not here to cast judgment or make decisions for you. We understand how difficult this process can be and are here to give as much assistance as possible.

Open Adoption Counselors

If you decide to place your baby for adoption, you’ll be referred to one of our open adoption case managers. They’ll help you pick a family you feel most comfortable with and ease you through this process. Our adoption case managers are trained professionals who will work with you to develop an open and loving relationship with the adoptive family. They are equipped to handle the pregnancy and adoption procedure, and will work diligently to make this a positive experience for all parties involved.

What does it look like to adopt with Angelheart?

Pre-adoption services

Pre-adoption services include orientation and training on the rights of birth parents, rights of adoptive parents, and required training. A thorough home study will need to be completed in order to show the birth mother the type of home and family you have to offer and to make certain your home is a safe place to raise a child.

Completed home study

The home study is completed very early in the pre-adoption process. It requires screening to be done by a licensed agency (we can do this for you). If you have had a home study done in the past, we may be able to update it rather than start from the beginning. The home study is good for one year. If no child or baby has been placed with you after one year, we will need to update the home study. We are required to interview everyone in the home and visit the home as part of the home study procedure. We will provide you with a list of required documentation.

Services post-adoption

After the adoption is complete, we will continue to provide reasonable access to counseling and community resources you may need.

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