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Adoption Fees

Adoption financing options

Angelheart is committed to helping every family who desires to parent an opportunity to do so. We have many options available on financing the cost of an adoption and will work with you individually on helping you afford the adoption fees. There are many financial aid options available including adoption grants, loans, and tax credits. Contact us for details.

Adoption Agency Fees

Angelheart’s goal is to keep adoption fees as affordable as possible. Please see below for information on tax credits, grants, interest free/low interest loans that may assist you financially.

We require a $500 DEPOSIT that is applied to the total agency fee of $7,500. A minimum payment of $500 per month is required toward final agency fee. The balance of the agency fees are due on the day of placement (if not fully paid prior).

Your adoption fee covers the following services:

  • Required training for adoptive parents
  • Help creating your adoptive parent profile and Birthmother letter
  • Comprehensive Home Study and review of all required documentation
  • Administrative charges such as phone calls, mail, or fax charges
  • Birth parent counseling services
  • Attorney fees and court costs for birth parents termination of parental rights, Legal Finalization of Adoption
  • Staff travel including mileage and hotel costs if needed
  • Advertising
  • Intake of birth mothers and phone monitoring 24 hours a day.
  • Assessment and case management of birth parent’s needs
  • Assistance with the medical access and birth planning for the birth mother
  • Facilitation of relinquishment of parental rights and placement, assistance with ICPC documentation if needed
  • Up to 10 days of foster care for the baby if needed

Expenses NOT covered under adoption agency fee:

  • DNA testing (if required)
  • Mother and baby’s medical expenses (often covered under insurance, but not always)
  • Birth parent maternity needs and expenses such as rent, utilities, food and clothing (if birth mother has a safe place to live, that will continue, if she needs a safe place to live, we must assist with expenses)
  • Additional legal costs if parental termination is contested
  • *If the birth mother you are matched with chooses to parent her baby, your agency fees (other than medical costs and maternity needs) will be applied to another birth mother and baby. The birth mother is not legally required to pay back any financial assistance that was provided to her during her pregnancy.
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Financial Assistance

Angelheart suggests that you consult with your tax advisor in regards to all tax issues for details on if and how they apply to your individual situation.

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